2019 Wallet Clutch Genuine Leather

2019 wallet clutch genuine leather review


Let’s look throughout this product as a customer and talk about it.

As I can see from the uploaded photos, this is a kind of gentle hand made a leather wallet in a big size including lots of pockets for everything!

When I say everything I mean kinds of stuff we expect them but believing or not this wallet is big enough to put your 5.5-inch smartphone in it and this can show how well designed it is.


This accrues while the dimensions are 15×2×22 cm which means it not that hard to keep it in your hand and also it has a kind of holder which not only makes it look better but also you can put your hand into it and carry the wallet and be sure it won’t fall on the ground.

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If you want to know how heavy it is, I have to say don’t worry it’s only 150 grams.

As you can see in the photos, it has one photo holder, a zipper pocket, about nine card holders which I think it’s enough for your essential cards and except these nine cards you can put four extra cards in holders you’ll get in the zipper pocket.


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So I think there is no complain about cardholders.

Something interesting you’ll face with is the RIFID BLOCKING LINING which takes place inside fabric. This property will keep you safe from unwanted card scanning or some theft.

This wallet has such a stylish and fashion face, and that’s due to it’s recent(2019) design.


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Something that turned me up about this wallet is that you can order to engrave your name on your wallet at your favourite area and with your selected font which you can choose it out of 6 fonts and guess what? That’s totally for free.


However, if you want some particular font or drawing you should order, which in this case you will be charged for that.

Moreover, finally on the last step and the hardest one you have to choose the colour out of 10 including Black Box, Blue Box, Coffee, Coffee Box, Green Box, Red Box, Black, Blue, green and Red.

For conclusion, I have to say this is a kind of high-quality wallet prepared with the best materials and as you can see in the photos the stitches are elegant, and it’s definite accurate produce.

Also, after all the good news is 48% off and the free shipping so you will pay between 43.32 to 49.32 USD according to your order which seems fair.

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